The Webster’s Laure Hériard Dubreuil Launches RTW

The new brand, called LHD, is available in stores and online now
by William Buckley

Laure Hériard Dubreuil must be superhuman. Some people spend a lifetime building and running a single store, and even then, most will only dream of achieving the kind of success Dubreuil’s Webster in Miami has enjoyed. Now, with two Miami outposts, a store in Costa Mesa, CA, one in Houston, TX, and the recently opened Soho slam dunk, Dubreuil’s launched her own line. And that’s all on top of her duties on the expert committee of LVMH’s annual fashion prize, and as an ambassador of global not-for-profit organization, mothers 2 mothers. Did I mention she’s gorgeous? And French? And married to a man who may well be the most handsome artist ever to walk this earth, Aaron Young? We’d be sipping that Haterade if she wasn’t just so goddamn delightful—but she is.

And yesterday evening, in the VIP penthouse of her Soho store, where fashion’s high rollers go to get pampered while they purchase the Webster’s buy of Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, etc., we met the enigmatic character to talk her latest venture, LHD.

“I started working on the store four years ago, and I started work on the line one year ago—I didn’t plan for the two to launch basically at the same time, but here we are,” she laughed. That’s busy. “When I bought the building, it was just one level—the second floor—and I found out there was this huge fire in the 1940s, so I had to rebuild the rest, and I added this penthouse which is recessed from the building.” If you haven’t been to the store, to understand the magnitude of a project like that, you should go. I had my 120-square-foot bathroom redone earlier this year, and seriously, it was a whole thing. 

She walked us over to the racks of colorful clothes—patterns on patterns, loose, easy silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics. “The LHD, it’s my initials,” she said, although since we’re really smart, we’d suspected so, “The logo is—you know M/M Paris? Mathias and Michael? The french creative agency?” I replied in the affirmative. “I guess they thought, ‘Laure, she is very serious and the name of the brand is the three letters, but actually she has a little craziness, so here is your logo—it’s LHD on acid.” The logo, which was animated in the digital invitation, swirls like some ‘70s psychedelic trip.

“Each collection will be inspired by a different destination, and since this is the first one, it’s Miami, of course. Makes sense, but you will see though, there are no flamingoes, even though it’s Miami, because the flamingoes are for the Webster.” It’s true, the Webster’s logo is a pink flamingo, in keeping with the art deco architecture of the original building, and in LHD, there were none. “But I have my crocodile who ate a flamingo,” she explained, pointing to a pink crocodile print. “So the flamingo is still here in one way or another.” Chic.

Next up on the tour: accessories, and because she’s Laure Hériard Dubreuil, she listed an all-star cast of collaborators. “The shoes are a collaboration with Pierre Hardy, the bags are with Heimat Atlantica, the hats are with Maison Michel, I have a bathing suit with Eres, the earrings are with Aurelie Bidermann, and I have the sunglasses with Linda Farrow.” 

And while the collaborations are at slightly higher price points, the ready-to-wear is quite astonishingly accessible, ranging from $45 for the caps to $895. We observed that those prices were in rather stark contrast to much of the other product stocked in the shop. “That was the point, it’s supposed to be easy—it’s supposed to be a bridge,” she explained. “So it isn’t in competition with the high-end designers we carry. I designed with some of my friends in mind, who aren’t necessarily so concerned with fashion, but they want something cool and different.” 


You can see how cool and different the collection is on the newly launched e-commerce site, Next stop, menswear.