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LHD's PERFECT Jet-Setting Outfits

By Shannon Dixon
Preceded by the Miami collection, LHD's new St. Tropez "high-summer" pieces makes packing for the French Riviera a breeze.
This collection draws from Laure's, the founder and designer, personal memories and iconic inspirations. While Laure Heriard Dubreuil was inspired by her childhood memories, 1960's culture, Brigitte Bardot, and scenes from the French film, La Piscine, to carefully design each print, her love of traveling and the French Riviera played an extremely important part. 
Being able to mix-and-match any two pieces together is one of the best aspects of their brand. Whether you love vibrant prints or solid colors, LHD makes it simple to dress-up or dress-down any of their outfits (making it so easy to it fill your suitcase to the top with LHD). Just like Laure intended, this collection was designed to inspire women to travel the world, experience a new culture, and feel beautiful.
While the clothing includes "exclusive prints, electric color palettes, and vintage inspired silhouettes," it's easy to feel personally connected with each item. With unique prints and a truly rare ability to display a story through their patterns and designs, LHD uses fashion to spark past memories, and inspire women to create new ones. 
Not only is their collection beautifully displayed on their website, but it is even more beautiful in person. This is only their second collection and, already, their high-summer season is available through November on, NET-A-PORTER and at The Webster’s five boutiques and e-commerce.  
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